What you need to know                      What you need

To become an ADI you will first need to make an online application to the DVSA. This could take several weeks to process we suggest you make the application as soon as possible.

The application criteria will consist of:

  • You must have held a full British license for at least 4 years
  • Be able to read a car number plate from 26.5 meters (90 feet approximately)
  • The license must be free of endorsements. However certain allowances may be made. This would need to be assessed by the DVSA.
  • Be in good health with no driving restrictions imposed by the DVLA
  • Any applicant with a serious criminal conviction will not be accepted
  • Any applicant being banned from driving for a drink-drive offence will not be accepted

Once the application has been approved you have two years to commence with the training.

You must pass all three examinations. These are:

Part 1 = The Theory and Hazard Perception test

Part 2 = The Driving test

Part 3 = The Instruction Ability test

After passing the three tests, you may have your name entered on the Register of Approved Driving Instructors as an ADI.

After completing the course and qualifying as an ADI, approximately 12 to 18 months later you will be invited to sit a compulsory ‘Standards Check Test’ (SCT)

A DVSA-appointed examiner will sit in the back of your car observing the driving lesson. He or she will watch and listen to you carrying out the lesson whilst making notes. The examiner is watching to see if the lesson you are conducting is structured to the pupil’s specific needs and level. The examiner will be watching for competence in various aspects of your teaching techniques.

The only purpose of the SCT is to ensure that an acceptable standard of instruction is being carried out. This should be no more or no less than what you would normally do for any other driving lesson.